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Top Tips On How To Increase Attendance And Engagement During Virtual Events 

According to research after the pandemic, more and more companies are now resorting to virtual events for remote employees and hosting meetings through video conferences because of its convenience. And while this is becoming the new normal for most, one thing that everyone suffers through would be poor engagement and attendance. 

A lot of organizers still do not know about the tricks and tips, which would help them keep their attendees busy and engaged. For your guidance, here are some of the top tips which would help you execute a virtual event successfully without having anyone falling asleep in between!

Have An Accurate Event Goal

Having better engagement at your virtual event will directly help with your business and market growth. Having a plan for your virtual event, or a goal is crucial, which helps you determine how you should be approaching it. If your goal is product lead, then make sure you include videos or product demos for your attendees. Email them a reference sheet that would act as marketing material. 

If your goal is increasing brand awareness, you could then take advantage of the various audience interactivity tools and host polls, ask attendees to post about it on social media and run a live audience interaction. There are several advanced platforms that help you track the engagement impact.

Go For A Platform Having Customization Capabilities

If you are trying to increase attendance and engagement, then going for a hosting platform that would help you customize with its tools is crucial. Check whether the platform offers customized widgets and interfaces or not. The platform you are going for should encourage attendees to interact through chats or question & answer sessions, without this, the session would be one-sided, which would be of no value.

In virtual events, it is easy to get distracted; therefore, having a variety of activities is a must to keep audiences engaged. If they want a break from the main stage event, provide them with other activities to interact with. Create polls that will help you understand what your attendees think of your event and brand.

Go For Translators To Increase Accessibility  

When you host virtual events, there would be attendees from various parts of the country or even the world, and therefore, it is your responsibility to make the event accessible to everyone. Provide inclusivity and as a result, increase engagement. Get your content translated to different languages so that everyone has access to it. This way you will make your attendees a lot more comfortable and this will be appreciated by them. 

Always arrange for breaks between virtual events. Planning a break encourages engagement, attracts more people, keeps them motivated, and reduces the fatigue of looking at the screen. Choosing the right platform is crucial if you wish to increase engagement and make it memorable for all and profitable for you. A little bit of customization is enough to provide an engaging experience. Make sure to check out Votemo, which is one of the leading audience interaction and live polling tools. It helps you connect with your attendees and share real-time insights.

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