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Visual Content Marketing Trends You Need To Keep A Lookout For!

Marketing is no longer how it used to be 5 years ago. Society, post-Covid, seeks engaging interaction and human connections with brands more than ever. The consumer base that businesses have dealt with in the past is completely changed now. The change in trends and creativity is significantly affecting the marketing aspect, particularly visual content marketing. 

This type of marketing focuses on developing authentic and intimate connections between the consumer and brand with the help of visual and video content. Here are a few visual content trends to keep your eye on:

  • Focus on Authentic Storytelling and Content

Yes, the purpose of marketing is to inform and aware the audience about your brand, products, and services. But that’s not exactly what the audience wants to see. A modern-day consumer now believes in forming connections with the people behind the brand instead. This could be done by showing a behind-the-scenes look at the team working in customer service or design, the CEO of the brand sharing the vision behind the brand, or blog content that shows the team making the product. 

Social media platforms offer a ton of features to highlight this part of your brand like video shorts, Instagram Reels, Stories, etc. The more you show the authentic and less fancy side of the brand online, the more your brand will get recognized for it. Avoid using typical sales pitches and gimmicks to shine a line on your brand. Just be vulnerable, open, and connect with the audience on a personal and human level.

  • Optimize images

One thing that can establish your brand as an authority in the industry is creating your visual concepts, data, and graphs. To get your graphics indexed by Google, you should optimize every piece of visual content or image you upload with an alt tag, so they can easily be picked up by publishers and linked back to you. Google will improve your ranking if you manage to provide accurate information on each visual content piece you upload. 

  • Shoppable Visual Content 

The introduction of online shopping has been nothing short of revolutionary. Until shopping on social media took over and became a norm. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have adopted the trend and offered multiple businesses to sell items directly from the platforms. Product tags and shopping stickers are a few business tools that social media offers to deliver Shoppable visual content. Brands and companies are attaching shop links to their blog posts, lookbooks, and e-catalogs to boost creativity and engagement.

  • 360-Degree Virtual Experience

Who doesn’t enjoy visiting places virtually and controlling the view with a simple slide of the finger? The ability to make engaging content that intrigues the customer’s curiosity is one trend that will never be overhyped. Flat content becomes so much better when the audience is able to view the product from a different angle to gauge a better understanding of what they’re investing money in while shopping! 360-degree visual experiences have the insane potential of attracting traffic and boosting lead conversion!

  • GIFs and Animation

Animation and GIFs spice up your content and deliver the message you want to get across to your target audience in a more fun and light-hearted way. They work as a great communication tool and will continue to trend. Brands and businesses use GIFs and animations in different ways like adding a fun twist to stories, spicing up a fun post on the feed, or highlighting steps in a tutorial or instructional post. You can easily find a GIF or animation for about anything you need! 

  • Livestream Video Content

The consumer base, or audience in today’s time, wants more than just heavily edited and filtered content that lacks authenticity and originality. The same goes for prerecorded videos. They’re edited and lack the real-time shenanigans and fun that goes behind making the videos. This is where Livestreaming videos make people feel more connected to the events happening in real-time and give a sense of immediacy. Instagram and Facebook allow users to engage and interact with the hosts directly through comments and reactions now. Livestreaming always works effectively in doubling engagement. 

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To Wrap It Up

Visual content marketing has transformed the way brands interact with consumers now. A modern-day consumer looks for originality, authenticity, engagement, and visual content on social media channels; hence, brands should work towards meeting those requirements! 

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