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How to Make Great Custom Coins?

Custom coins work best as marketing tools, gift for loved ones, or for honouring people in service. They add meaning to the activity and people’s achievements while also establishing unity among the units. They are a sign of respect and long-lasting bond with the organization, which also serves as a great encouragement for an individual’s hard work. These coins make an unforgettable gift and a cherished memory. People feel honoured and superior on receiving such tokens. 

In this article, we will discuss some great ways to create custom coins.

Consider the purpose of the coins

First, you need to understand for whom you are making these coins. Why are you making them and what purpose they are going to serve? You need to thoroughly understand the design requirements if you want to create a coin as a symbol of pride and solidarity. Usually, a custom coin is designed to confirm membership, recognize certain heroics and achievements or create bonding and branding between groups of people.

  • Membership- In the military, a custom coin can prove that you are a military member and you have already served a specific duty. Earlier, these coins were used for security, which proved their loyalty.
  • Awards and recognitions- These coins can be used to award the teams for their performance. Also, the coins help build the pride and morale of the members.
  • Bonds and connections- The tradition of challenge coins help to keep the military members connected with each other even after service. They often display their coins whenever they meet or socialize, which builds strong bonds and long-lasting relations.

Explore the concept of the coin

Before creating the coin, you must have an outline of the idea about how your final product should look like. You can collect your content and propose a variety of ideas before you produce them finally. Sit and decide on the images and logos that the coin will be bearing and what text should be added to it. To have your idea set out clearly, you must be very clear with the concept.

Think about the plating options

The plating of the coin can be in gold, polished silver, or antique styles. The tone and the visual effects can be achieved likewise. You can also add a few colors if the need arises.

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