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5 Measures to Take After a Ransomware Attack

Technology has simplified many business functions. However, it has also created a few risks such as ransomware attacks. These attacks have become a common occurrence in recent years and have caused businesses to lose important data and money. Let’s see what ransomware attacks are and why are they such a nuisance.

Ransomware attacks are a form of cyber-crime. A hacker will try to access the files on your computer and then encrypt them. They will then ask for a ransom in exchange for removing the encryption on your data. You may reduce your odds of getting infected by ransomware by using a secure internet connection like Windstream. However, there are other measures you may take to protect yourself against these attacks.

Try and Remain Calm

If you are unable to access your critical business data, it will get difficult to stay calm. Our minds stop working in such a chaotic situation. However, in a difficult situation, it’s crucial to stay calm as it will help you get out of this situation.

Do not be in a hurry to pay the ransom demanded by the hacker. You may be able to get access to your data if you don’t pay the ransom. Even if this is not the case, you will be able to negotiate a lower ransom with the hacker if you stay calm. The moment you show any sign of uneasiness, the hacker will make things more difficult for you.

Separate the Affected Devices

Separate the infected device from the rest of your network. This way,the files on other computers in your officewill not be affected. Hackers will try to get multiple office computers infected through ransomware so they can demand a higher ransom. You will make their job easy by not isolating the affected files.

Assess the Gravity of the Situation

Once your data gets encrypted, you need to see to what extent the damage has occurred. This will help you tackle concerns that may be raised by your vendors or clients who may have been affected by this disruption. You will not know how to respond if you do not know how much damage has been done. After a ransomware attack happens, you will get a notification on the infected device. Take a screenshot or a photo of the notification. This can be used as evidence if things get to a point where the police need to get involved.

Secure Backups

Your data backup can also get infected by ransomware. Hackers will try to target this data as well. Once they get access to it, they will try to override, encrypt or delete this data. Keep your backup data disconnected from the rest of your office network. While your main data is infected by ransomware, restrict access to your backup data till the situation gets resolved.

Inform the Affected Parties

Hackers will use ransomware against businesses in industries that deal with large volumes of user data and other sensitive information. If this data gets compromised, the affected people must be notified. You should have a strategy in place to communicate this situation to your customers without causing too much reputational damage to your organization. You may also be legally liable to inform your customers about their personal data breaches, so you might as well do it in a pleasant manner.

Summing Up

Ransomware can seriously set your business back and cause you great financial loss. However, you can mitigate these risks by taking appropriate data security measures. In addition to adopting the suggestions mentioned here, you should also make sure you are using a secure internet connection. Subscribe to internet plans from Windstream communications to minimize the risk of getting your vital data infected by malware.

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