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Awesome Business Benefits of Investing in Pallet Inverters

Pallet inverters are also termed pile turners. It is a machine designed to turn fully loaded pallets of products and packages. The term even covers machines that turn pallet loads 90° or 180°or 360°. If you are storing or moving wallets across the warehouse or factory then investing in this advanced technology equipment is a boon. It is a standalone machine that uses a rotating frame to transfer stack or load pallets within the warehouse or production line or move inside shipping containers.

Top Industries offers pallet inverter customization to suit your business needs. You can have it configured and connected with a roller conveyor to comply with the production process in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, etc. There are multiple pallet exchangers and inverters available suitable for manual and automatic use. You can enjoy the awesome business benefits of investing in pallet inverters.

Versatile and reliable

Pallet inverters are extremely specialized. The machine serves its anticipated purpose well with reliability. In the pharmaceutical and food processing plants products need to be replaced from wooden pallets and stored on steel or sterile plastic pallets for compliance with hygiene standards. The chemical manufacturers use pallet inverters to avoid contamination from potential palletized loads leakage on wooden pallets.

Bananas stored on pallets are turned for better ripening. Inverting the mold also helps to de-mold the concrete items. Goods can be quickly transferred from the in-house pallets to cheap transport pallets. Routinely, the inverters are employed to straighten loads that slipped or switch goods from the damaged pallet quickly and safely.

The range of products pallet inverters is capable of moving and switching include containers, boxes, vials, cans, paper buckets, big bags, bottles, cans, paper rolls, plywood, and more.

Increases efficiency & productivity

A pallet inverter’s initial cost may seem high but in long term, it pays off in terms of efficiency and productivity. The need for manpower to finish the task decreases with pallet inverters and your trained employees get to do core business development activities.

Rather than rotating frequently in large quantities after or during the production pallet inverters save time. Instead of rotating one box at a time, you get the chance to rotate in large quantities simultaneously. Besides, you can replace from one pallet type to another with ease without investing in different machines or devices like a forklift.

A forklift can damage the products if there is an error but with a pallet exchanger, goods can be stored with stability, especially the high stacks with less fuss. The majority of damage is caused during transit via forklift but using pallet exchangers the cost of pallet repair reduces.

Employee safety

The operator can pull the mobile pallet exchanger with ease without getting out they can handle the pallet change automatically. If done manually, there is a risk that their hands or back get injured or damaged but with advanced technology machines, there is hardly any risk. The machine also has an interlock device for safety, while moving the equipment.

Some industries need stationary pallet changers that can load heavy pallets. The stationary pallet inverters offer a safe perimeter so that the operator does not enter the hazardous zone. The perimeter is designed with a secure photoelectric sensing system and protective nets to contain movement areas.

Top Industries have posted YouTube videos, where you can check out how safe the equipment is. You can even follow their profile to stay updated about latest upgrades.

Pallet inverters are time and energy savers!

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