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How to Create Engaging Content on Social Media

Businesses implement many marketing tactics to acquire more customers and turn them into loyal clients. Moreover, they leverage platforms like social media to garner likes, shares, comments, reposts, and other types of engagement to propel their online presence.

When more consumers interact with the business, it promotes brand awareness and fosters customer relationships. Social media engagement also helps in connecting with people and potential brand advocates.

But how do companies increase social media engagement?

There are many activities that business owners can do to captivate their audiences’ attention and influence them to interact with their social media content. One of the most effective methods is to post relevant videos. An example of how successful social media videos can be is Jollibee’s “hugot” series that captivated people with emotional narratives. These videos went viral, boosting social media engagement significantly.

Another way to create engaging content on social networking sites is to be funny. However, brands must exercise caution when using this strategy. Often, people gravitate toward memes and humorous content as they provide means of de-stressing. But if the message conveyed in these posts is out of context, irrelevant, and insensitive to current events, this tactic may produce negative consequences.

Making and posting social media content can be done by any business owner. But if they want to make sure that their posts will produce desired results, it is more practical to leave the job to a reputable digital PR agency.

These experts are well-knowledgeable and well-experienced in developing social media content that effectively gets engagements. A public relations agency can create relevant videos and humorous content that align with consumers’ wants. They ensure that these posts are done with solid research and executed tastefully to prevent unwanted reactions from audiences.

There are more ways to create compelling social media posts that influence users to take action. This infographic from NGP Integrated Marketing Communications expounds on creating engaging content on social media.