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Some Facts to Know Before Applying for Finance Jobs

Canada is an exciting country that has huge job options in multiple fields, especially in finance. This has led to many immigrants choosing to work in Canada against a fair share of salaries and better quality of life. Canadians have been always very laborious and dedicated to what they do and hence they look for candidates who have the same traits. So when applying for Canadian jobs, here are certain facts that you need to know beforehand.

Canada is in search of educated people

Employers are in an active search of candidates who are recent graduates from universities, colleges, and other trade schools. They want the future professionals to live and work in the country and contribute to its thriving economy. As Canada is the most educated country with over 56% of its adult population having tertiary qualifications, they are always open to your applications. They also have a great Provincial Nominee Program that helps skilled foreign workers to work within the country.

Graduates find workspaces peaceful

After two years of finishing their studies, 93% of graduates can find suitable jobs in the field and industry they want. There are programs like Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) to help students work in the country after their graduation for up to 3 years.

Industries are booming

Both Canadian financial and tech sectors are making huge strides for the past few years. There are over 41,500 companies to choose from in these sectors. There are certain tech and finance specific jobs that focus on inviting highly skilled and experienced foreign professionals to live and work in the country.

PayDay works differently here

This is a highly different system prevalent in Canada. The employees receive their paychecks twice a month, once in the beginning and once in the middle of any calendar month.

Casual Fridays

The Fridays in Canadian corporates are pretty much chilled out as employees come to work in their jeans and t-shirts. The rest of the week focuses on professional attire though. The companies in the country are now focusing more on shifting their dress codes to informal attires and the same is applicable across the financial sectors too.

Language skills

The financial companies in Canada focus on utilizing a bi-lingual approach with English and French being their main mode of communication. Before working here, you must brush up on your language skills.

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