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The List of Important Technology Features of Volunteer Management Software

There is a lot that goes into managing the volunteers in a nonprofit. One needs to undertake a lot of tasks including the recruitment, training as well as engagement. Hence, to keep everything in order, the organizations must have the right tools. 

Studies reveal that 94% of the service-focused organizations believe that using software to manage their volunteers is crucial. However, only 10% of them use the dedicated software. 

So, if you too are looking to use volunteer management software, check out for these most important technology features.

Simple, centralized volunteer database

A centralized database will help you keep the volunteer contact information safe and secure. The software will also highlight the opportunities that are easily accessible to the volunteers. The database will also ensure that data tracking is live and accurate so that you can focus more on the resources while you make a real difference in the community. The database must also simplify the collection process while effectively organizing the volunteer data, program and agency information, opportunities and events.

Easy volunteer hour tracking and reporting

About 62% of the service-focused organizations are losing their valuable volunteer data just because of poor record-keeping. Every volunteer program must be able to track their volunteer impact. But it is not possible for every organization to have their data completely organized. In such a scenario, they should pick a tool that has the system of web-based hours log, check-in kiosks, QR code scans and a mobile app to ease the usage. They must also have features like segmented reporting, tracking and reporting of groups and teams as well.

Automated volunteer engagement

Managing the volunteer schedules and the data is just one of the many tasks that the volunteer management systems do. If you have a powerful system to work with, it will help you to integrate the engagement features also. If you want to boost the engagement, you can use the software to consistently communicate with the volunteers. Share your experiences centrally using the platform and reduce the barriers of participation. The software can also be used to incentivize the volunteerism. Along with these, self-registration and scheduling will also be a benefit to the users. The volunteers can also check their automated awards and recognition that get listed.

All these features are readily available on the Vome Volunteer management software, which can effectively streamline the entire process.

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