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Things to Know Before Exporting Your Car to Canada from the USA

All of us could’ve had the experience of going through the hassle of exporting something at least once in our lifetime. The intensity of the hassle will depend on the size and nature of the goods being exported. If you are someone planning to pack your car/vehicle to Canada from the USA, then you must follow some stringent regulations before doing that. 

Although the regulations stipulated by the Canadian government have been relaxed over the decades for strengthening the trade relations with the USA, it is still mandatory to uphold certain measures before exporting a car/personal vehicle. The customs agents in Canada can help you in this regard to a great extent.

A Clearit itn number (ITN) will be of great help while exporting any self-propelled vehicles from Canada to the USA. An ITN number can be procured through an online portal at $125 CAD. 

Advantages of the Entire Procedure 

The biggest advantage of taking an ITN number is that the whole process of importing your vehicle will become way easier than it used to be before. 

The customs broker can assist you through every process to get your car imported. These brokers will also take care of the safe and secured delivery of the vehicle to the end address mentioned in the import papers. The convenience and comfort a customs agent can provide are more than what words can explain. 

Also, it is mandatory to submit the Proof Of Ownership at the customs office before importing your car into Canada. Documents are to be presented before the customs office at least 72 hours before importing the vehicle. This buffer time is to be followed strictly by the importer since the import rules are quirky at times. 

The next important thing to keep in mind is the Automated Export System. It is a very user-friendly process that is introduced to make the whole import game transparent and easy. 

The AES simplifies the declaration process of the worth of goods imported under USD 2500. Earlier, the process of declaring the worth of goods used to be offline. The offline process was muddled up, considering the effort and time involved in getting the evaluation done. 

Summing Up

Importing a car could turn out to be the most pleasant experience if you can take care of some of the above-mentioned precautions. The most important thing to remember is the ITN number and AES registration before importing your dream car. 

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