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Your Guide To Getting Into Marketing

The term ‘marketing’ is broad. It encompasses various processes that play a role in promoting a product or a service. If you find a marketing job, then the doors will open to various other professional opportunities. You’ll need to know how you can enter the marketing field, however. This will permit you to verify that the marketing sector is the best fit for you.

But how exactly can you get into marketing in the first place?

1. Choose Your Niche

There are lots of areas in marketing that you can choose to focus on. Consider taking your time and sorting through the options that are available to you. As a marketing consultant, you can choose more than to specialize in. You can become an SEO expert, or specialize in social media. You could choose to specialize in traditional marketing, voice marketing or even email marketing.

You could also choose to focus on influencer marketing or brand marketing, event marketing, or affiliate marketing. Go through all the choices available to you to see what strikes your interest. Ideally, you should choose to focus on not more than three or four areas.

2. Research

Aside from knowing what the different kinds of marketing that are available to you are, you’ll also need to understand core industry concepts. This includes what B2B and B2C mean, the 4 p’s involved with marketing, and more. You’ll need to think about what your employers are expecting from you while looking at positions to consider.

Consider reading job listings, following marketing experts as well as influences, and contacting marketing professionals to learn more from them.

3. Learning New Skills

Now that you know what the marketing space is like, it’s time to look at what applicable skills you have. For this, look for certifications and courses from reputable institutions. You can do your course online or offline, but it must provide you with a solid grounding in marketing.

You could even find classes that are low cost or free. Another option is to do a marketing internship to gain practical work experience. Internships also show employers that you’re serious about the field, and will become a marketer going forward.

4. Writing A Blog

You must possess a professional website for your business. On this website, start writing a blog about your experiences in the industry. Use it to document what your journey has been like, and highlight new things you’ve learned. You could also establish business social media profiles, and share content on them regularly. Share your blog articles on social media as well, and this can translate to increased traffic for your website.

You should also think about investing in insurance for marketing consultants. If you choose to work as a marketing consultant, then there are several career risks that you might end up encountering. A client who isn’t happy with you could even up suing you. When you invest in insurance for marketing consultants, you create a protective barrier against such risks for your career and finances. To learn all about insurance for marketing consultants, please click here.

5. Exploring Freelance Opportunities

Consider setting up your marketing business as a side hustle. Then you’ll not only get useful work experience but can also stay updated on the latest marketing trends. Say you want to become a social media manager. Then you should ensure that the brand and message you’re creating for the client is consistent through their social media.

As you work for more clients part time, you may even get to work as a marketing consultant for them on large scale projects. Bigger clients are also more likely to approach you when you have experience in marketing.

6. Applying For Marketing Jobs

By now, you should have honed your skills in marketing, by being a freelancer or doing volunteer work for clients. You should have a professional website as well as social media accounts. Now it’s time for you to approach businesses for marketing jobs. Technology has now made access to marketing jobs more open, allowing you to easily apply to various jobs. From LinkedIn to professional websites, pore through what a business is looking for in a marketing employee before you apply for the job.

7. Write A Creative Resume

Through your resume, you’ll be able to show clients how you can market yourself. Talk about how you worked on growing your social media following, and add a portfolio to your business website. Your website must have a link to your portfolio as well, and your resume should also be uploaded to it. Remember that a client can tell how good you are at marketing from how you market yourself.


Getting into marketing is easier today than ever before. Online resources will make it easy for you to learn about marketing, as well as approach clients for jobs. Use this guide to learn how you can get into marketing.

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